Extra Curricular Activities

The institute is keen to encourage students in participating sports and games as the proverb says “Sound mind in a Sound Body”. In addition to this, the Institute also conducts regular Quiz programmes, Debates, Elocutions, Cultural programmes etc.
The institute is keen to encourage students in participating sports & games as the proverb says “Sound mind in a Sound body” – counselling to the women students is given b a team of faculty members at regular intervals to overcome stress, tension and psycho-somatic disorders. In addition to this the institute is committed to improve intellectual capabilities of the students by conducting seminars lectures, Quiz programmes, Debates & Elocutions etc.

As the saying goes "A Sound Mind in a Sound Body" our campus has a spacious playground with all the required playmaterial indepth.


Government India’s N.S.S. is implemented with great conviction bcoz, we believe that “Character building” is main part of education. NSS offers plenty of field opportunities for the students, the N.S.S volunteers, to personally to a service to the community around and build values like compassion, Courtesy, Sacrifice, Empathy, Diligence and Patriotism.


As a college located in one of the most scenic locales and mountainous terrain, excelling at sports comes naturally to students at SITS. Sports at SITS is more of a mandatory activity rather than just an extra-curricular activity. With vast expanses of land at the college’s disposal, we have designed various sporting facilities by utilising our excellent infrastructure.

A healthy body makes way for a healthy mind, and rightly so, we at SITS believe in physical fitness. Sports not only keeps the body fit, but also helps in training the mind. Students that excel in sports are often very decisive, as decisions need to be made quickly during real-time play. Sports also help in encouraging team-work, managing resources, crisis management and most importantly, leadership. So, by denying your child a sporting childhood, you are actually making him weak on many levels.

Physical fitness is an inalienable part of our way of life, as we understand that it is during adolescence that actual physical growth takes place. With students spending their prime growth period at SITS, we take it as our responsibility to make sure that we do our best in spurring growth, both physically and mentally.